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Dane County Farmers Market

More food safety in the US sounds good, right? Well, depends on who you are. The US Senate is considering a Food Safety Bill S510 that would change the system of food safety in America. One of the major issues with this bill is that all the provisions, restrictions and requirements would apply to small farmers and small food producers (think farmer’s market fruit, veggies, jam, pie, nuts, eggs, etc.). If put into law, this WILL affect your access to some of these foods.

Laws to manage food-borne illnesses such as E.coli and salmonella sound appealing until you think about what causes  them. The majority of offenders in this area are mega farms and huge food producers. Rather than create new regulation to stop many mega farming practices (such as widespread use of antibiotics, gigantic feedlots, slaughterhouse contamination, nitrogen heavy fertilizers, dangerous pesticides, un-natural feed, use of genetically modified seeds) that may contribute to food safety issues, the solution put forth is to apply an already broken system to all farmers and food producers.

For a small family farm, having similar regulations as large food manufacturers will no doubt present an undue hardship. Many farms will have to deal with 
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