From Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Association


Seven-year-old Emma attends a private school that provides healthy snacks but has recently discontinued its hot lunch program. After initial fears that each day would mean a PB&J sandwich,her mom, Karen, got creative and established a system where Emma would be in charge of her own lunches. With the help of friends and input from Emma, Karen compiled a list of favorite foods that fall under the headings of Protein, Grain, Vegetable, and Fruit. Additional categories are Soup, Combos (such as sandwiches), and Dips. There are many options; for example, the protein category includes hummus, nuts, Greek yogurt, turkey, sunflower butter, cottage cheese, ham, natural hot dogs, shrimp, trail mix, and chicken sausage.

Each week Emma decides which foods she wants to have for the coming school week, and Mom adds them to her shopping list. A weekly chart shows Emma each morning what she needs to prepare and pack in her kit of plastic containers (BPA-free). Mom or Dad lend a hand when needed, but most of the time this seven-year-old plans and prepares her own food.

At a time when countless adults are spending too much money for low quality food, relying on microwaves and drive-throughs, it’s refreshing to know that even young children are capable of choosing and preparing healthy food.  To see the full list of lunch options Emma selected, click on: or click on the image below:


Emma's Lunch Planner from the Feingold Association


Reprinted from Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Association of the United States,