Last week I traveled to San Francisco to attend a luncheon. It was a quite an adventure. Me, my three-year old, my brother (aka my Be Food Smart partner) and his wife, made it in their uber-efficient Prius from Santa Barbara to San Francisco in 5 hours, which included a 30-minute bathroom break/lunch picnic in the San Miguel Chevron parking lot.

Let me back up for a minute and explain. In April, we posted The 18-Minute Video That Everyone Needs To See on our blog. It features Robyn O’Brien presenting at TEDx Austin. Robyn found out we had posted her video and sent this amazing email to us:

Your work is extraordinary, and a friend just highlighted your site to me.  Thank you for everything that you are doing and for highlighting my TEDx talk.  I’d love to send you a copy of my book to show my gratitude, as together, we can inspire remarkable change.

With hope,
Robyn O’Brien

After a few email exchanges, she invited us to attend a luncheon in San Francisco where she was speaking. OMG, I was going to meet a TEDx presenter, author of The Unhealthy Truth, and the woman known as the “The Erin Brockovich of  Food” in a few short weeks!

Okay, now back to the trip. After an awesome day at the California Academy of Sciences and truly memorable dinner at Burma Superstar (I’m still thinking about that Tea Leaf Salad made with fermented tea leaves from Burma), it was Thursday, otherwise known as, “meet Robyn day.” The event was held at the Plant Cafe, an organic restaurant overlooking the bay in the Embarcadero area. Stonyfield, a pioneer and heavyweight in the organic food space, hosted the luncheon and featured a delicious menu inspired by their yogurt and dairy products.

It was an intimate affair and I had the opportunity to chat with several of the local Bay Area food bloggers. Amongst the group was the french woman, Laure aka FrogMom, Karianna of The Karianna Spectrum, Juliana with Sierra Club’s The Green Life , and Heather & Whitney, the dynamic duo behind Rookie Moms. A warm and vibrant presence, Michelle of What’s Cooking with Kids , was sitting with her young daughter and handed out a copy of her new book, The Whole Family Cookbook. I am excited to try it out and will include a review soon. As we all got seated, I was placed next to Coco aka Opera Girl Cooks, a classically trained opera singer turned gluten-free food blogger. Coco will be guest blogging for Be Food Smart on Wednesday! Make sure to check out her guest post and visit her website; it is truly beautiful.

Robyn is a petite blond woman on a mission. She is exceedingly calm, highly intelligent and rightfully pissed off about the current situation of our food system. She is not an alarmist, but instead, tells her story, presents the facts and allows her audience to come to their own conclusion. A recap of her presentation will be posted on the blog tomorrow. After our Stonyfield Farms frozen yogurt had dissolved on our tongues and the honey butterfly tuile crunched and swallowed, you could tell no one wanted to leave. But alas, all good things must come to an end. As I walked out, I got a canvas Stonyfield bag filled with a Robyn’s book, a Stonyfield cookbook, USB stick, rubber spatula, and a darling organic cotton Yo Baby bib. Everything a mommy food-blogger could need!

As we headed out of town that afternoon, I was filled with a sense of hope. Education is always the major battle. Once you know the truth, it is much harder to keep your head in the sand. Our mission at Be Food Smart is to educate and inspire change and it is important that we stay inspired too. A special thank you to Robyn, Lindsay, and Jeff of Stonyfield for one meaningful afternoon.