Want to make some extra money and help people eat better at the same time? Be Food Smart is looking for a researcher to help expand our food additive database. This is a part time gig, working from home, on your own schedule. The majority of the work will involve extensive research from both online and printed reference materials.

The right person will have the following:

  • A genuine interest in helping the public. This job is not going to make you rich, so a big part of why are doing it needs to be because you care.
  • A background in nutritional sciences or related field
  • Highly self motivated…no really
  • Consistently meets deadlines
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to devote 8-15 hours per month

How to apply:

First, visit www.BeFoodSmart.com and familiarize yourself with the website and our message. If you share our passion, please submit your resume and cover letter explaining why you are the perfect person for the job.

We also want to know what gets you worked up about food. Is it GMOs, school lunches, Monsanto, pink slime, CAFOs, fast food, or HFCS? All of the above? Then, explain what you love about today’s food culture. Organics, Michael Pollan, farmers markets, the locavore movement, grass-fed, biodynamic, gardening, raw, homemade?  Don’t hold back.

Send to jobs@befoodsmart.com