Here are a few recent headlines that caught my eye:

The True Cost of Bananas

Did you know that bananas are the most frequently purchased item at the grocery store and that major chains will not increase the price above $0.99/lb? I couldn’t believe it until I was at my local Lassen’s health food store and saw that even their organic, fair trade bananas were, you guessed it, $0.99/lb. This article is a fascinating look at the ugly underbelly of the banana industry. I kind of always knew bananas had a secret life, but did not know of the inner workings of the industry. Author Phyllis Robinson speaks from a place of passion and true knowledge (she spent her travels exploring the banana trade in South America). For anyone who “requires” a banana in their morning smoothie like I do, this long, but important article is a must read. Read the full story on Small Farmers Big Change

Soda Tax Wouldn’t Work as Obese People Prefer Diet Drinks, Study Suggests

Have you heard about the proposed soda tax? It keeps coming up as one solution to combat obesity and a way to  bring in some extra tax revenue. Proposals range, but most surround taxing sweetened beverages and sodas containing a certain number of sugar grams. It sounds okay in theory: charge more and people will buy, and thus, consume less.

Researcher, Ketan Patel, in this article has this to say about the soda tax:

“After doing the analysis, it really turns out to be the case that obese people like diet soda so much more than regular soda that you can do whatever you want to the price. “You’re not going to get that much change in obese people’s weight because they already drink diet soda.”

How is that for irony? People who are already obese are drinking diet soda which, oh by the way, WOULD NOT be taxed since it doesn’t contain sugar! So I guess the message here is that sugar and HFCS are bad, aspartame is a-okay, and obese people will drink diet soda even if it costs $12/6-pack. I should point out that both the study and argument do not address children drinking crazy amounts of soda and sweetened beverages. We’ll save that for another day. Do you support a soda tax? Let us know in your comments! Read the full story on Food Navigator-USA.

A Child’s Potato Experiment Reveals Importance of Organic

Need another reason to buy organic? I could try to deconstruct this video, but little Elise has it covered. Check out her awesome video presentation. Special thanks to my sister-in-law for sending this to me! Read the full story on Eat Drink Better

ConAgra sued for labelling oils ’100% natural’

Surprise, surprise. ConAgra uses genetically modified ingredients in their “100% natural” canola, vegetable and corn oil and oil blends. Two class action suits were filed in Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn , NY. They are seeking millions for refunds and a court order prohibiting the company from claiming their products are “Pure” and/or “100% Natural.”  Word of advice? Skip these oils and switch to olive and coconut oil. Read the full story on Thomson Reuters.

Image: DRB62 via Flickr