I didn’t realize I was in love until about 10 years ago. You know those relationships where you fall in love with a friend you’ve known all your life? Well, that was me and Trader Joe’s. I’d been hanging with TJ since I was a little kid. My folks knew TJ and frequented his establishment. Now, as a mom myself, I find I hang out with TJ about 90% of the time.

The reasons I love TJ:

  1. He reads ingredient labels so I don’t have to be so crazy vigilant (okay, who am I kidding, I still read ‘em)
  2. He hates partially hydrogenated oils, MSG, high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified ingredients as much as I do
  3. He’s frugal and passes along the savings to me
  4. He supports my obsession with organic everything
  5. He knows when I’m hungry and always has something yummy for me at the sample counter

However, like any great relationship, I have my issues with TJ:

  1. I wish he’d hang around the local farms more so he didn’t have to import so many produce items from other countries
  2. He has a bit of an obsession with over-packaging
  3. He allows his buddies to bring in some items with artificial colorings. Just last week I saw Tartrazine and Red No.40 hanging around his place.
  4. My friends in other states get pissed because he refuses to set up camp in their neighborhoods
  5. He really needs to investigate the whole BPA craze and get creative with his canned food

The good news is my husband also has a thing for TJ and is remarkably tolerant of our affair. In fact, you might even say he supports it by driving me to TJ’s pad every weekend. If you live near TJ and have yet to get introduced, don’t be afraid! I swear, he may just change your life. Tell him Dina sent you and I promise he’ll give you the same treatment he gives me.

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