If you follow this blog, you may have noticed a slight obsession with Greek yogurt lately. Well, the obsession has not subsided; in fact, I’m now straining my own yogurt. It was one cold evening (okay, it was about 50 degrees, don’t shoot me) and I was seriously craving dessert. I knew there was nothing in the kitchen and the idea of leaving my Snuggie for the store was inconceivable. At some point I remembered I had a little Fage in the fridge and was determined to find a way to dress it up. With a bag of frozen raspberries, I created one very simple, but divine snack that I now enjoy on a regular basis. Before you dismiss it as another tried and true yogurt combo, trust me that it’s the heat that turns this into an absolutely lip-smacking treat.  Another bonus? It only has 3 ingredients, tons of protein, and takes only 5 minutes to make.


The Greek Raspberry

Serves 2

2 cups Greek yogurt* (preferably full-fat/whole milk Greek style)

1 cup frozen raspberries or frozen mixed berries

pure maple syrup or local honey

All the measurements above are approximate. Use a much yogurt/berries as you like. Instructions: Stir yogurt until it has a creamy consistency. Divide yogurt into 2 bowls and set aside. Heat frozen berries either in a small saucepan or in microwave if you are pressed for time, until berries are heated through and hot (not boiling). Berries will break down and look more like a fruit compote. Pour berries over yogurt and drizzle with maple syrup. Serve immediately.

* Learn how to make your own strained yogurt at home or click here for our Greek yogurt buying guide.