A new grocery store is opening in Austin, Texas this year. What makes in.gredients newsworthy is the fact that they are claiming to be the first “package-free, zero waste grocery store in the United States.” So how are they doing this? The idea is so simple, it may surprise you. Everything in the store is essentially a bulk item and customers bring in their own containers to fill and purchase what they need. Forget your container? in.gredients will have compostable containers available for purchase.

In addition to reducing waste, in.gredients also promises to carry predominately in-season products from local grown or locally sourced, organic producers.

Check out their 2 minute video explaining the concept:

Until in.gredients or something similar comes to your neck of the woods, try these ideas to reduce waste:

  1. Bring your own reusable produce bag for produce and bulk bin grains and beans
  2. Bring other reusable containers for powdery or super-fine bulk bin items
  3. Try to avoid individually packaged items such as juice boxes, yogurt tubes, applesauce containers, etc. All these items can be
  4. Purchased in a larger container and placed into a smaller container which can be used and reused.
  5. Reuse plastic and glass containers – cottage cheese, large yogurt, sour cream, etc. can easily be reused many times. Glass containers have all sorts of applications from vases to used oil storage. Even plastic bread bags can be reused.
  6. Reduce food waste by meal planning and getting creative in the kitchen. Experiment, break out that dusty cookbook or check out the millions of recipe sites online.

Do you have some suggestions to reduce waste at the grocery store? Hmmm…I wonder what type of containers in.gredients will be using to store all their bulk items such as milk, cheese and oil. This concept is one of those ideas where you have to wonder why it took this long to launch. Is this type of store the future? Let us know your thoughts.

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