Radio show host, Janeane Bernstein, interviewed Co-Founder of Be Food Smart, Dina Clapinski, on the Momz Rock the House radio show last week. The 49 minute interview aired on OC Talk Radio in Orange County and 90.1FM KBPK in Fullerton. Special thanks for Janeane for inviting us!

Listen to the Be Food Smart Interview here

About The Momz Rock the House Radio Show

The Momz Rock the House Show features well-known women artists and undiscovered talent in music, comedy and the arts. Plus industry experts providing inspiration and insight into issues relevant to women today.  Featured artists and guests have included Kathy Valentine of the Go Gos, Judy Davids of The Mydols, plus-size model and spokeswoman Emme, Comedian Funny Frances, Tish Ciravolo of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Philly singer/songwriter Deb Chamberlin, Chef Ann author of  ‘Lunch Lessons’, New York Times Best Selling Author Tosca Reno, Jeana Keough of the Real Housewives of Orange County, plus music by Housewives on Prozac, Stacy Robin, Debra Davis, Ren Stewart, Adrina Thorpe, and so many more incredibly talented female artists.

The Momz Rock the House Show is all about inspiring listeners. Janeane sums up the show as follows:

“It’s really not about the destination in life, it is about the journey. And a lot of the women featured on the show really believe that it is never too late to become what you might have been and I hope you tune in and know that can be true for you, too. Sometimes it can be a small goal that you thought you never could dream of achieving, but you would surprised. So, whether it is music, a book you want write, a new skill you want to acquire, or something else nagging at you to accomplish or do differently in your busy life, this show is not the same old same old on the dial, but your weekly time out – something special for you because I believe every Mom really does Rock the House.”

Whether you are a Mom who rocks the house or a woman looking for something new on the dial, The Momz Rock the House Show is relevant to every woman, at any age.