On October 1st, we participated in the second annual SOL Food Festival in Santa Barbara, California. This festival is more than just a celebration of Sustainable, Organic and Local food. The goal is to delight and educate. It was in this spirit that we were challenged by the event organizers to come up with a fun activity where people might actually learn something. The outcome?

SOL Food Jeopardy

One of our first Jeopardy games of the day. This was a great group to get us started. Jonas Dalidd is sitting behind the computer and Dina Clapinski is Alex Trebek. Photo by Shabina Dalidd

For 8 hours we hosted virtually non-stop jeopardy games. Dina’s voice was the only thing slowing us down!

We found free Jeopardy software online from Stu’s Quiz Boxes. With the help our wonderful nutrition advisor, Gerri French, R.D., we came up with 60 questions (for 3 separate games) related to all things food – GMO’s, food additives, dairy, labeling, vitamins, and nutrition. Buzzers were a wee bit pricy, so we went with classic desk bells instead. There is something about those bells that people just love  (young and old, they couldn’t help themselves from dinging!).  At some point we lost count, but we estimate that over 150 people played Jeopardy and many more watched, eagerly mouthing their answers behind the contestant’s backs.

People loved watching the games. Often times, they couldn't help themselves and would just yell out the answer. Just goes to show, everyone likes a game of Jeopardy. Photo by Ananda Dalidd

A BIG thank you to all the generous companies to donated the prizes for our booth. Everyone loved them!

Special thanks to our prize donors! Photo by Shabina Dalidd

Each round lasted about 10 minutes and the winner of each game received the following:


Here is what are winners from each Jeopardy round received.

All Jeopardy contestants got to pick one of the above items so no one went home empty handed! For those of you who selected the Whole Foods or Isla Vista Co-Op coupons, use them soon as they expire on the 15th.


A beautiful day in the park. Photo by Shabina Dalidd

There were some hilarious contestants. Overall, we were pretty impressed with the knowledge Santa Barbara was showing off! We had a family of 5, six high school students, lots of parents and even a few nursing moms. Our youngest contestant was about 7 and our oldest…well, it’s not polite to talk about people’s age.

Five high school students sat down to play. It was very telling and a bit sad to realize how much food knowledge they lacked. It's an important reminder of how important teaching food education to children is.

In the afternoon, we took a break and walked around the festival. One of the favorite sights was the collection of live animals. There were alpacas, a calf, turkeys, goats, and baby chicks. The children, including Dina’s little one, were in heaven!

The animals at the festival were so cute! Here is my little one holding a baby chicken. Adorable (okay, slightly biased). Photo by Ananda Dalidd

Special thanks to Heather Hartley, Alison Hensley, Eric Cardenas and Dave Fortson of Loa Tree, Belle, and all the amazing volunteers who made the festival possible. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved being a part of such an awesome event.

We also want to give a shout out to Jonas’ wife, Dina’s husband, and our dad who stayed the whole day and helped out (not to mention all the help the days prior! We had to test out the Jeopardy game on someone). It was truly a family affair.