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Tag: Debra Eschmeyer

Would you give a year of your life to serve the greater good? No, we’re not talking about the Peace Corps, this is the FoodCorps. Modeled after the Peace Corps, this program is looking for new recruits to “plant school gardens, teach kids about healthy food, and change what’s for lunch.” FoodCorps members are asked to commit to a year of service and will receive a yearly stipend (I’m not sure how much), help with student loans, health insurance, and career mentoring. In return, “you get to grow healthy food, grow your career and grow your community.” It sounds like an amazing opportunity for our young people to engage in, especially considering the tough economy right now. Please share with anyone who you think may be interested.

This video is a commercial for FoodCorps. It was shown at the 2011 Edible Institute food conference in Santa Barbara where I had the pleasure of attending. The very passionate and talented Debra Eschmeyer was a panelist at the event and is the co-founder Food Corps. The program is launching in selected cities initially and will go nationwide by the end of 2011.

When an experience inspires you to see that dream again, motivates you to a place you haven’t felt in a long time, and adds a monstrous log to the fire in your soul, what do you call it? Heaven? For me, it was the 2011 Edible Institute. For 20 hours, over two days, I listened, absorbed, brainstormed, smiled, scribbled, tweeted (#EI2011), consumed, and connected.

If you are not familiar with Edible, they are beautiful magazines filled with everything food-related local to that area, or as they say,  Award Winning Magazines That Celebrate Local Foods, Season by Season. When you so much as glance at an Edible magazine, you know that  it is something unique. The first thing you’ll see is the stunning cover. When you pick it up, the luxuriously thick pages beckon to be flipped and the sumptuous photographs visually devoured. There are almost 70 Edible magazines and publishers flew in from all over the United States and Canada this past Wednesday to attend a publishers’ conference. Starting at 7:30am Saturday, the Edible Institute ignited bringing publishers together with food writers, farmers, activists, artisans, cookbook authors, winemakers, bloggers, and little old me.
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