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Tag: documentary

Jeremy Seifert and his friends eat trash on a regular basis. They are not homeless. They’re 30-something, Angelenos, who rescue enormous amounts of foods from Los Angeles’ supermarket dumpsters and eat it. Sound crazy? It is. But the crazy part is not Seifert, it’s the 96 BILLION pounds of food that we waste in America every year.

“…we’re feeding our landfills as much as our country…Why is all this food being thrown out and not given to people who need it?”

Seifert saw first hand how much food grocery stores threw away. He learned that half of all the food prepared in the US and Europe never gets eating. Seifert decided that this underbelly of our society needed to be exposed and he created a documentary appropriately named, Dive! Below is the 2-minute trailer for the film which has been showing nationwide at film festivals and private screenings since 2009.
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Truck Farm Movie Trailer

Filmmakers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis (of King Corn fame) are working on this new documentary, TRUCK FARM. This teaser was shown at the recent TEDx Manhattan conference on sustainable food. Check out this 2 minute trailer, with music, to see how they get started. What a fun and innovative concept!

The film will use the story of their mobile farm as they kick off to a much larger story about urban agriculture, determined young farmers, and the challenge of growing food when you ain’t got any land.

- Wicked Delicate Films, description of Truck Farm

Music by: The Fisherman Three
Film by: Wicked Delicate

Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture

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