Cookie Crisp

Most cereals are too sweet. Ok, so maybe I’m biased because I grew up on Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts, and Corn Puffs, but it looks like I’m not alone. General Mills will be lowering the sugar content in the cereals marketed to children under 12. How much lower you ask? Well, they are going from 11 grams per serving to 10 grams. That isn’t a big change, but that’s exactly the point according to Jeff Harmening, president of General Mills’ Big G cereal division. He said in an interview, “Consumers have a very keen idea of what these cereals ought to taste like and if you change the taste dramatically or suddenly, they’ll walk away from the brand.”

By the end of the year all the cereals marketed to children will adhere to the 10 gram maximum.  It looks like they won’t stop at 10 grams either and will likely lower to 9 grams in the future before feeling ‘victorious’. The fight against obesity and diabetes needs all the help it can get.

Sources: Yahoo News

Image: theimpulsivebuy