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Tag: healthier choices

A School Lunch Solution

From Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Association


Seven-year-old Emma attends a private school that provides healthy snacks but has recently discontinued its hot lunch program. After initial fears that each day would mean a PB&J sandwich,her mom, Karen, got creative and established a system where Emma would be in charge of her own lunches. With the help of friends and input from Emma, Karen compiled a list of favorite foods that fall under the headings of Protein, Grain, Vegetable, and Fruit. Additional categories are Soup, Combos (such as sandwiches), and Dips. There are many options; for example, the protein category includes hummus, nuts, Greek yogurt, turkey, sunflower butter, cottage cheese, ham, natural hot dogs, shrimp, trail mix, and chicken sausage.
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Daily Sound/Image by Victor Maccharoli

Be Food Smart is featured in the Santa Barbara Daily Sound today.  If you are local in Santa Barbara, pick up your copy at your coffee shop. Not local? Check out our press page or click on this link for the story:

With Be Food Smart, Santa Barbara brother and sister team moves beyond labels to encourage healthier choices

January 14, 2011

By Jeremy Nisen

Many thanks to Jeremy for the great write up and to our dad, Ananda Dalidd, for making it happen. Also, thanks Victor Maccharoli for meeting me at the Goleta Farmer’s Market yesterday and taking the fun photos!