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Tag: jams

We knocked on her door not sure what to expect. It was Saturday in July and my hubby and I were sans toddler. For the next 4 hours we were in the hands of Cindy Shipp and we were there  to can. You know it’s going to be a good experience when you sit down to no less than 10 delectable, artisan “dippers” with appropriate accouterments. Cindy, of SB Canning, is an incredibly gracious host and is passionate about sharing both her knowledge of canning and her loot of homemade goodness (we got to try her Cabernet Wine Jelly and Strawberry Margarita Jam. To die for! Ya, ya…I see the booze connection too).
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Ingredient Spotlight: Xylitol

This Ingredient Spotlight is a regular feature from Be Food Smart. Check back regularly to see new ingredients.



via Flickr: jkivinenUses:

Sweetener, Humectant


A naturally occurring sweetener found in fruit such as berries and corn husks. Can be extracted from corn fibers, but typically made from birch wood or waste products from the pulp industry.

Additional Information:

Commonly used in food products that stay in mouth for an extended period such as mints and gum. It does not ferment in the mouth and has been reported to reduce tooth decay. May also be effective in preventing ear infections. Toxic in small amounts to dogs.

Found In:

chewing gum, mints, candy, cough drops, jams, jellies, low-calorie food, food specifically marketed towards diabetics

Possible Health Effects:

In high amounts can cause diarrhea, …read more on Xylitol

Related Ingredients: Gum Arabic, Guaiac Gum

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Image: jkivinen