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Tag: news

Here are a few recent headlines that caught my eye:

‘Organic Water’ is a Thing Now

In rather comical news, a German bottled water company, BioKristall, has gotten the official approval to market itself as organic water. Yes, you read that correctly, organic water. Read Grist’s comical take on this news.

Twinkies for Breakfast? Kids’ Cereals Fail Industry’s own Lame Nutrition Guidelines

The Environmental Working Group, most known for their sunscreen reports and the Dirty Dozen list, just put out a report on the amount of sugar in many popular breakfast cereals. In this blog post, Michele Simon writes, “Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, at nearly 56 percent sugar by weight, won the top prize,  packing more sugar (20 grams per cup) than a Hostess Twinkie.” Is it really any wonder our kids have a weight problem? Parents, please read this article and realize that MOST breakfast cereals should be treated like dessert. Read the full story on Appetite for Profit.

The Ultimate Olive Oil Guide

There has been a bit of a brouhaha over olive oil as of late. Put this one down on the if it is good for me, food producers will come in and create a crappy version of it to make more money and confuse consumers page. Olive oil has consistently been touted as the ultimate healthy oil and the demand for the oil has created a slew of sub-par products. Governments in the US and Europe are trying to create/reform olive oil standards, but with mixed success. Nutritionist and food activist, Andy Bellatti, tries to set the record straight and educates consumers so we can all shop EVOO smart. Read the full story on Small Bites. 

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Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register

Be Food Smart was featured in the Orange County Register yesterday! We receive amazing feedback from people in Orange County who read the article and visited our site. Click on this link for a PDF of the print story or the link below to go directly to the OC Register:

Site satisfies hunger for info about additives

Orange County Register

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

By: Courtney Perkes

The article was also picked up by MSNBC’s Orange County news feed (click here to see). Many thanks to Courtney Perkes for spending the afternoon interviewing us and writing this great piece on our company. Also, thank you to H. Loren Au Jr. for the 10 entertaining pictures and to Ananda Dalidd (aka Dad) for making it happen.

Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register

Headline Roundup 7.6.11

Here are a few recent headlines that caught my eye:

The True Cost of Bananas

Did you know that bananas are the most frequently purchased item at the grocery store and that major chains will not increase the price above $0.99/lb? I couldn’t believe it until I was at my local Lassen’s health food store and saw that even their organic, fair trade bananas were, you guessed it, $0.99/lb. This article is a fascinating look at the ugly underbelly of the banana industry. I kind of always knew bananas had a secret life, but did not know of the inner workings of the industry. Author Phyllis Robinson speaks from a place of passion and true knowledge (she spent her travels exploring the banana trade in South America). For anyone who “requires” a banana in their morning smoothie like I do, this long, but important article is a must read. Read the full story on Small Farmers Big Change
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Daily Sound/Image by Victor Maccharoli

Be Food Smart is featured in the Santa Barbara Daily Sound today.  If you are local in Santa Barbara, pick up your copy at your coffee shop. Not local? Check out our press page or click on this link for the story:

With Be Food Smart, Santa Barbara brother and sister team moves beyond labels to encourage healthier choices

January 14, 2011

By Jeremy Nisen

Many thanks to Jeremy for the great write up and to our dad, Ananda Dalidd, for making it happen. Also, thanks Victor Maccharoli for meeting me at the Goleta Farmer’s Market yesterday and taking the fun photos!

The Santa Barbara Independent

Be Food Smart is featured in this week’s Santa Barbara Independent magazine! If you are local in Santa Barbara, pick up your copy and check us out on page 41. Not local? Click on this link for the online story:

What a Healthy Web They Weave

befoodsmart.com Guides Curious Eaters

Friday, November 19, 2010

By George Yatchisin

Many thanks to George Yatchisin for writing an article on our new company and to Dad for making it happen.

Be Food Smart Launches Website Today

Official Be Food Smart Launch!

We created Be Food Smart to help people understand what is really in the foods they buy and eat everyday. After 6 months of hard work, we are so excited to finally be launching our website to the world. Don’t forget to check out these links:

Take a look at that loaf of bread, soda can, or the ice cream carton in the freezer (yes, that one).  Do you know what every ingredient is? Chances are, there will be at least a few ingredients that you can barely pronounce and have no idea what they really are.  Here is where Be Food Smart comes in: test out our site by searching for those weird additives in our ingredient database. You’ll get easy to understand information with a quick visual (Report Card Score) on every ingredient.  Warning: once you start reading labels, it becomes addictive and you’ll find yourself a full-fledged “package flipper” (constantly flipping over food packages to find the ingredient label).

We are still in beta mode and would really like to hear your feedback. Leave your comments on this blog post or contact us. We hope you find our website a valuable resource and appreciate your help in spreading the word!

Dina & Jonas