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Tag: newspaper

Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register

Be Food Smart was featured in the Orange County Register yesterday! We receive amazing feedback from people in Orange County who read the article and visited our site. Click on this link for a PDF of the print story or the link below to go directly to the OC Register:

Site satisfies hunger for info about additives

Orange County Register

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

By: Courtney Perkes

The article was also picked up by MSNBC’s Orange County news feed (click here to see). Many thanks to Courtney Perkes for spending the afternoon interviewing us and writing this great piece on our company. Also, thank you to H. Loren Au Jr. for the 10 entertaining pictures and to Ananda Dalidd (aka Dad) for making it happen.

Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register

The Santa Barbara Independent

Be Food Smart is featured in this week’s Santa Barbara Independent magazine! If you are local in Santa Barbara, pick up your copy and check us out on page 41. Not local? Click on this link for the online story:

What a Healthy Web They Weave

befoodsmart.com Guides Curious Eaters

Friday, November 19, 2010

By George Yatchisin

Many thanks to George Yatchisin for writing an article on our new company and to Dad for making it happen.