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Tag: omega-3

The word “poop” either makes people squeamish or they just start laughing. It’s funny how something we all do virtually every day, is so tabu to talk about amongst adults (except when talking about your baby’s poop and then it is totally normal to talk about every aspect of it). In this video, Suzanne Somers interviews Brenda Watson, “poop expert” and they discuss how often you should have a bowel movement, what color it should be and even how it should smell.

It should come as no surprise that your poop can be an excellent indicator of overall health and especially of your digestive health. Watson reminds us of how our toxic food of today (antibiotics in food, GMOs), lack of essential minerals and low levels of omega-3s are killing all our beneficial gut bacteria. It is pretty tough for our bodies to function properly without the good bacteria. She also discusses the effect of food sensitivities and how many of us are walking around with inflamed digestive systems that are causing everything from digestive issues to weight gain.If you’ve ever wondered if your poop is normal or what could be causing those long, painful sessions in the restroom, watch this 6 minute video.

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Last year my friend posted an update on her Facebook page saying she was sitting at her desk eating chia seeds. Chia seeds? As in the Chia Pet? Apparently, yes! The same seeds used to make “hair” on Chia Pets is the same stuff you can eat. Fast forward to last month when my eye doctor recommended I buy chia seeds to help with dry eyes. I went to Whole Foods only to find they are were out of the seeds in their bulk bins. Apparently, the stuff is selling like hotcakes. I ended up with a 1lb container of chia seeds from the supplement aisle and dropped $19.95 + tax to see what they are all about.

After some research, I came to realize that there might be a good reason for the hype. Salvia hispanica or chia seeds, contain more omega-3s than any other plant source, including flax! Two servings (2 tablespoons or approx 23 grams) provides:
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