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Tag: photos

On September 27th, The New York Times ran this picture along with an article on the quest for perfectly cooked chicken.

The picture featured a plucked and “naked” chicken propped up in a sort of centerfold “pose.” Tiina Loite, photo editor, came up with the concept:
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I stumbled across Caren Alpert’s website after Michael Pollan tweeted about her amazing photography, terra cibus. To be honest, I never really thought about what food looks like really, REALLY close up. Curious? Here is how Alpert explains her work:

What’s in our food?

What’s the difference between a bird’s-eye view of a remote vegetable crop and a microscopic swath from a pineapple leaf? How distinct is a pile of table salt from miles and miles of icebergs?

As a food lover and a photographer I answer these questions visually. Using scientific laboratory photo equipment, I journey over the surfaces of both organic and processed foods: my own favorites and America’s over-indulgences. The closer the lens got, the more I saw food and consumers of food (all of us!) as part of a larger eco-system than mere sustenance.

- Caren Alpert’s Artist Statement

Alpert took everyday foods, such as table salt, Oreos, and cauliflower, magnified them anywhere from 15 to 850 times and then photographed them. The result? Breathtaking art.

My personal favorite is the shrimp table. What’s yours?

Image: windy via Flickr

Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register

Be Food Smart was featured in the Orange County Register yesterday! We receive amazing feedback from people in Orange County who read the article and visited our site. Click on this link for a PDF of the print story or the link below to go directly to the OC Register:

Site satisfies hunger for info about additives

Orange County Register

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

By: Courtney Perkes

The article was also picked up by MSNBC’s Orange County news feed (click here to see). Many thanks to Courtney Perkes for spending the afternoon interviewing us and writing this great piece on our company. Also, thank you to H. Loren Au Jr. for the 10 entertaining pictures and to Ananda Dalidd (aka Dad) for making it happen.

Photo by: H. Loren Au Jr. with the Orange County Register