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It was a very overcast and chilly day. While wrapped in several layers of clothing, I was ill-prepared for the bite of wind at sea. For the first two and half hours I was fine. It was magical actually. Seeing dolphins racing alongside the boat, calf tucked protectively under mama’s fin, amazing. I hardly noticed the ocean spray against my cheeks as I peered down into the water with all the excitement of child. We had been told ahead of time that we there was a chance we may not see whales. We were prepared, and quite frankly, convinced that there would be no sightings.
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Santa Barbara News-Press Dec 7, 2010, Photo by Mike Eliason

Be Food Smart is featured in today’s Santa Barbara News-Press! If you are local in Santa Barbara, pick up your copy and check us out on the cover of the Life Section. Not local? Click on this link for a PDF of the story:

What’s on your plate? : Be Food Smart website supplies answers to consumers

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

By: Karna Hughes

Many thanks to Karna Hughes for interviewing us and writing an article on our new company. Also, thank you to Mike Eliason for the fun pictures and to Ananda Dalidd (aka Dad) for making it happen.

Picture from the Santa Barbara News-Press Article, Dec 7, 2010

Ingredient Report for High Fructose Corn Syrup, Photo by Mike Eliason