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Tag: produce bags

Let’s be real for a minute. Does anyone actually stick to their new year’s resolutions? My Twitter feed is loaded with links to articles like, “10 Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To!” Over the holiday, my sister-in-law asked me if I’ve ever had a resolution that worked and if yes, for how long. I started to ponder and I honestly don’t think I’ve had one work longer than a few months. But hey, don’t think that will stop me from setting new ones. Maybe 2102 will be the year!

Before I dive into my resolutions, I first want to pat myself on the back for a few food related things I did accomplish this year. They weren’t new year’s resolutions, but a goal none the less. I really should say “we” since all of these include my hubby too.
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When I hear the term Sweet Bread, my mind wanders to a warm bakery on a morning where you can see your breath as you walk. The racks are partially empty as the bakers continually bring steaming-hot baked goods and elaborately decorated petits fours to the front display. There are gooey pastries, sticky buns, crumbly scones, and golden croissants. The smells of baked goods wafting from an oven are enough to make you forget about being “good” and word nutrition kind of goes out the window, doesn’t it?
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UPDATE: The contest is now over (congratulations to Angie our winner). Stay tuned for future giveaways.  ‘Like’ us on Facebook or submit your info on our stay informed page, you will automatically be notified of new contests.

Premium Ensaymada “Brioche”

We came upon this ‘Premium Ensaymada Brioche’ at a Filipino bakery (Goldilocks) and were surprised at the number of ingredients it contained. So we bought it and have turned it into a contest! Simply write a comment below to guess how many ingredients are in this sweet bread roll with cheese on top. The person that gets the closest will win five of our hand-stamped, reusable, muslin produce bags! Contest starts Monday morning; see details below. We’ll post the ingredient list and winner on Wednesday. Let the games begin!

How to Enter the Contest:

  1. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post with your guess as to how many ingredients are in this food.
  2. For simplicity, we will count all the ingredients on the label, even if some appear more than once.
  3. Contest runs 8/1/11 – 8/3/11 at 10am PT
  4. One entry per person
  5. We can only ship to a United States shipping address (unless you’d like to pay for international shipping)
  6. Winner will be selected and contacted on August 3.  Reusable produce bags will be shipped soon after.