I was always more of a ketchup gal when it came the condiment of choice. I don’t think I ever had ranch dressing until middle school when one of my friends insisted I dip my In N’ Out fries in the white goop. For some reason, it was the thing to do amongst my friends and this trend kept up through high school. Green onion and cheddar potato skins, cream-cheese filled jalapeno poppers, piles of crispy Walla Walla onion rings, crusty mushroom and black olive pizza; they just kind of call out for this creamy concoction, don’t they? I had my suspicions, but after visiting numerous websites, I’ve confirmed that ranch dressing is now and has been the most popular salad dressing in the United States for almost 20 years.

When you think of ranch dressing, what it the first picture that comes to mind? For many it is probably this extremely popular bottle pictured left: Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Dressing.  According to the Hidden Valley website, here is how they describe their premier product:

Our Original Ranch® recipes are made with wholesome ingredients and the perfect blend of herbs and spices. Enjoy the farm fresh taste of Hidden Valley® in our ranch dressing mixes, dips and salad toppings.

Okay, now, let’s compare that lovely description with the actual ingredient list:
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