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15 months ago we launched the Be Food Smart website. Our goal was to become the trusted source for ingredient information and your partner in making smarter food choices. Our website has grown tremendously and we are thankful for each and every one of you who visit our site, follow us on Twitter, and Like Us on Facebook. Keep the clicks, comments, and shares coming!

2011 was a busy year for food. It brought us Schweddy Balls ice cream, SkinnyGirl drama, Lunchables unwrapped and a food additive made from beaver anal glands. Below are the top articles, videos, and infographics from 2011. We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season.

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Top Blog Post

The 21 Ingredients in McDonald’s Oatmeal: Only McDonald’s could create Fruit & Maple oatmeal with 21 ingredients. To add insult to injury, the bowl of ‘porridge’ also contains more sugar than a Snicker’s bar!


Most Shared

76% of Honey in Grocery Stores Isn’t Really Honey: This headline is just sad. Leave it to food companies to take something as amazing as honey and turn it into an ultra filtered, heated and treated ‘syrup.’



#2 Blog Post

Risks of Non-Stick Cookware Too Great to Ignore: PFOA is the chemical used to make the non-stick coating on cookware and eletric appliances. Even our own EPA acknowledges the risks yet non-stick cookware is everywhere.


#1 Video

The 18 Minute Video Everyone Needs to See: This video featuring TEDx speaker, Robyn O’Brien has been watched over 4,000 times on our website alone. Help to open people’s eyes to the truth and risks of our food supply today. Share with your friends, family and loves ones.



Top Initiative

Slap a Label on Them Already!: GOT 1 MINUTE? Tell the FDA that you want GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) labeled. Be Food Smart is a partner with Just Label It and we are trying to get to 500k signatures by the end of the year. Click here and help us make this happen!



Best Series

Raw Milk Gets a Raw Deal: In this 3-part series you’ll learn why raw milk is not the scary stuff you’ve heard about. If you drink milk you owe it to yourself to learn about raw milk and why it might be the best option for body.
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Top Flowchart


Time to Change Your Sweetener?: The number of sweeteners available today is staggering. Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s really in those blue, pink and yellow packets? Check out our nifty flowchart and see which sweeteners make the grade.




#1 Infographic

How Healthy is Your Ice Cream?: The majority of ice cream sold today is loaded with artificial sweeteners, trans fats, thickeners, artificial colorings, and preservatives; a far cry from the homemade treat enjoyed for centuries. What’s your Scoop Score?