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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Americans love ice cream.  Each year, we consume an average of 48 pints per person; more than any other country in the world. Originally, ice cream was pretty simple: cream, sugar or honey, an egg and possibly some fruit.  So how healthy are those 48 pints we are eating today? Unfortunately, the majority of scoops sold in parlors, vending machines, and grocery store freezers are downright scary. They are loaded with artificial sweeteners, trans fats, thickeners, artificial colorings, and preservatives; a far cry from the homemade treat enjoyed for centuries.  A quick glance at most of the major brands will reveal nutrition labels with 25 or more ingredients! This is not your great-granny’s ice cream.

Additives commonly found in ice cream

acesulfame potassium



artificial colors

disodium phosphate

polysorbate 60 or 80

artificial flavors

high fructose corn syrup

hydrogenated oils


modified food starch

potassium sorbate

cellulose gum

mono and digylycerides

sodium benzoate

corn syrup

natural flavors


Ways to make your ice cream healthier

READ THE LABEL - Only buy ice cream with an extremely short list of easy-to-understand ingredients.
MAKE YOUR OWN – Experiment. There is nothing like fresh, homemade strawberry ice cream. 
GO HORMONE FREE – Support creameries who say no to rbST (growth hormones) and antibiotics.
BUY LOCAL - Chances are you have some fabulous, small-batch goodness in your own backyard.
TOP SMART – Try homemade whipped cream, toasted nuts, fresh fruit, or melted chocolate.
ENJOY IN MODERATION - Remember that ice cream is a treat and should be treated as such. Don’t eat the whole pint in front of the TV (yes, we’ve all be there). Savor every, creamy, bite.

Ice cream in numbers:



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